Busbar Insulating Shrouds
  Insulating the bus bar and switchgear joints is a very unmanageable and exceptional job owing to a very complex and varied profile of the joints in the layouts that are of much customized nature. Because of this majority of the joints are left open without insulation. This in turn results in short circuits, breakdowns and in most cases – the interruptions. Also this is an aspect of human safety that can never be ignored.
  In many advanced countries and some of the Indian MNCs have made it mandatory to use flexible shrouds made of PVC Plastisols for insulation of joints. These electrical insulation shrouds are easily mountable, replaceable and serviceable but also possess better heat resistant and electrical properties and are very durable. These are also resistance to UV exposure ageing.
  Features :  
  • Suitable for insulating busbar joint works application (tee, elbows, etc.)
  • Provides significant reduction in air clearances
  • Special buttons makes it quick to install, remove or replace during maintenance
  • Excellent thermal and electrical properties
  • Highly resistant to UV rays & ozone. Good for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • New designs moulds can be developed in a week.
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