Machine tool generally operated at elevated speeds and undergoes heavy-duty operations this often creates lot of dust, dirt and chips formation on the tool and machine. These problems not only reduce the life of the tool but also minimize the efficiency of the machine. These troubles can easily be handled with the help of PVC Bellows.
  • Push-on type application
  • Ensures perfect protection to handles from weathering, moisture & contamination
  • Quick & easy installation without any tools. No skill is required
  • Extremely economical and cost effective compared to Heat Shrink handles
PVC Bellows are very useful in protecting guide ways of :   Machining centres and heavy duty machines etc, from :
  • Machining equipment
  • Handling equipment
  • Industrial robots
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Switchgear Systems etc.
  • General engineering
  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Switchgear
Advantages of using Gaiters & Bellows:
  • Water Proof
  • Provides good Electrical & Thermal Insulation
  • Chemical Proof
  • Available in different shapes & sizes.
  • Flexible, Durable, easily mountable and reusable by buttoning (Supplied with suitable buttons)
  • High insulation properties and good ageing properties.
  • High temp. M Withstand capacity, Good flame retardant properties.
  • Ultra Violate protection
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Increases the service life of stand-by and emergency equipment
  • Reduces maintenance cost with less distribution interruptions.
  • Safe and mandatory in developed countries
  • Available in Colors of Your Choice.
In drilling machines, while doing machining operations like drilling and recessing, of wood, fiber glass etc., lot of dust is generated which can cause drill head and drill bit disorder, and reduces the efficiency of the machine. The PVC Bellows not only protect the machine but also improves the efficiency. The Bellows also protect operators from accidental contact with moving machine parts. It also gives an aesthetic look to the machine.
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